Software Solutions

Our software solutions are carefully crafted to ensure they are fast, robust and efficient. We use our own software in-house to solve internal business opportunities.

Previous solutions include:

  • Financial trading algorithms for the currency exchange market
  • Exploratory JavaScript enabled web based data collection and computation
  • High throughput data storage saving and retrieval for terabytes of data
  • Machine learning classifiers for risk analysis

Digital Consultancy

We help in-house and agencies craft advanced search engine optimisation technology strategies and insights by using our own tool sets to acquire, process and store data.

We've worked with businesses that required domain migrations across 65 countries and 38 million URLs.

We also provide beginner and advanced training to help businesses understand the constraints around their technology stack.

Security Testing

Our penetration testing lab helps identify web security with cross referencing up to date vulnerabilities, brute force, injection and cross script hacking.

Our Dorking Protection helps to ensure Search Engines are never able to find and index sensitive information, such as:

  • Customer data
  • Company data
  • User credentials
  • Server logs
  • Server settings

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